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Warning Signs Your Vehicle Needs Ball Joint Replacement

September 1, 2022

Keeping the maintenance up on your vehicles is crucial to your vehicle’s overall life span. It’s also crucial to the safety of your vehicle as well. Allowing certain issues to go unrepaired could make your vehicle dangerous to drive. Ball joints can greatly affect how your vehicle operates and how safe it is to drive. This quick guide will give you some information on how to tell if your vehicle needs ball joint replacement. Front Tires Wearing Unevenly This is one of the most common signs that the ball joints on your car need replacement. You may start to notice... View Article

Why Does My Engine Experience a Sudden Loss in Acceleration?

May 21, 2022

Losing power while stepping on the gas is very troubling for drivers. A sudden loss of power while accelerating suggests something is wrong with your car. It also is a sure sign that you are wasting gas and money. There could be many causes for a sudden loss of power when trying to accelerate. If the loss of power accompanies a rise in engine RPMs, you might have a transmission problem. A bad transmission is always bad news and might require a costly transmission service. It also might require you to buy another vehicle. Fortunately, the problem is often much... View Article

What Is the Anti-lock Brake System? Why Is It Important?

April 21, 2022

The Anti-lock Brake System, or ABS, is a system that helps prevent your car from skidding when you brake. It does this by keeping the brakes applied for a split second after releasing them. This allows the wheels to keep turning, which gives you better control of the car. 1. How Does the Anti-lock Brake System Work? The ABS system is made up of sensors located at each wheel. These sensors monitor the speed of the wheels and send signals to the ABS computer. When the computer detects that a wheel is about to lock up, it sends a signal... View Article

A Guide to Computer Diagnostics Tests

April 7, 2022

In today’s society, most cars are more digitized or computerized, allowing for regular diagnostic tests that improve the overall performance. Regular computer diagnosis car tests help car owners identify malfunctions or errors in the cars before they become serious.  Car diagnostic tests are vital since they accelerate the repair process when taken to an auto repair shop or to a mechanic. These tests also play a critical role in helping minimize any potential damage to a car. Below are some tips to consider in carrying out a computer diagnostic test. Types of Car Issues or Malfunctions Vehicles usually have several computer... View Article

Common Fuel System Repairs

March 21, 2022

Does your vehicle need fuel system repair? There are several common repairs that must be made to this system from time to time. If your vehicle is experiencing issues with the fuel system, it will most likely need one of the following fuel system repairs. To prevent additional issues, watch for the tell-tale signs of each of these problems—then get repairs right away. Contact a local mechanic who specializes in fuel system repair to schedule service as soon as possible. Fuel pump repair Do you hear any strange sounds coming from the rear of your car? If the fuel pump... View Article

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