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The Basics of Air Suspension for Towing

October 13, 2021

Air suspension, also referred to as pneumatic suspension, has been used in a variety of settings since the early 1900s, when the first patents for it were filed. Today, one of the many uses for air suspension is the vehicle towing process. Here’s an overview of what you need to know about the use of air suspension systems when it comes to towing. Air bag suspension: What to know Before you consider using air suspension for your vehicle, you should first consider your vehicle’s specific towing capabilities. You can find some information on a sticker inside (usually) the driver-side doorjamb... View Article

Four Cars That Can Last Beyond 300,000 Miles

January 28, 2021

We use our cars for so much of our daily lives. Not only do they get us from point A to point B, but they also transport our cargo and our families. With reliable transportation in Everett, WA, our dreams of adventure and vacation are a little closer to reality than if we have to worry about our car or truck breaking down halfway through a road trip. Buying a vehicle is a big investment. Not only is it something you’re likely to use just about every day, but it’s something you will want to have for a long time.... View Article

Did You Think This Through? Expert Advice for Winter Auto Safety

February 22, 2019

Snow, ice and plummeting temperatures provide a range of auto safety hazards during the winter months, but you can prepare your car—and yourself—to handle any kind of weather. Taking some precautions will pay off when you’re feeling relaxed on the road, rather than stressed out about a potential crash or breakdown. Making regular visits to a trusted mechanic in Everett, WA is the way to go to ensure that your vehicle is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Read on to find out what the experts say about preparing your vehicle for winter: Get your vehicle serviced now:... View Article

Where Is My Vehicle’s Battery Located?

December 26, 2018

Even if you’re not using a vehicle during the winter, it’s important to keep on top of battery maintenance. A battery that’s stored for a long period of time will suffer from self-discharge, even in areas with moderate climates that don’t have the harsh winters of the Northern U.S. and the Midwest. But if the freezing temperatures do occur, the potential results are much worse, with possible issues including cracked casing and internal components. Obviously, you need a healthy battery on hand all winter long, as a dead battery could result in you getting stranded somewhere along the road during... View Article

What to Do About Animals Seeking Shelter from the Cold in Your Vehicle

December 12, 2018

While some animals may thrive in the cold weather, others need to find places where they can hide away from the harshness of winter. They’ll take whatever they can get, and that includes finding ways to get inside your vehicle. Of course, any time you have an animal attempting to get into your spaces, there are problems that can occur, especially if they get in the way of some important vehicle components. Here are some issues to consider from a mechanic in Everett, WA. Dealing with rodents This issue most commonly occurs in the winter with rodents, which are much... View Article

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