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Can You Put a Turbo in Any Naturally-Aspirated Car?

September 14, 2021

If you want to add more horsepower, you might first think of modifying the intake and exhaust. Combine that with new tires and suspension tuning for handling corners, and you’ll get a boost. But if you really want to go faster, at some point you’re going to need to increase the engine’s output. One way of doing that is to add a turbo charger. You may be wondering how simple turbo charger installation is for a naturally-aspirated car. Let’s look at how you can take your car to the next level. How a turbo charger functions If you just slap... View Article

Are Tuners Worth It?

August 31, 2021

The bottom line is that high-quality engine performance tuners are absolutely worth the money. The shift firmness on its own makes this a great investment. By retuning your car’s engine for performance, you’ll boost torque and gain increased power output. While these magic chips might sound too good to be true, you can rest assured that, if installed properly, they’ll do wonders. Let’s look at all the benefits of engine performance tuners and how they function. How tuners work Whether you know them as tuners, chips or programmers, these tiny electronic devices are utilized to optimize your engine’s performance. This... View Article

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