Four Signs Your Car's Air Conditioning Is About to Fail

Four Signs Your Car’s Air Conditioning Is About to Fail

August 22, 2018

There’s no better feeling than a cold blast of air from your car’s air conditioner after trudging through a hot parking lot. The sweet feeling of relief is taken for granted until, one day, you turn on the AC only to be greeted by no air at all. Instead, you are met with the unfortunate realization that the AC has finally gone out.

Could you have seen this coming? The answer is yes. There are usually several warning signs indicating the car’s air conditioning system is beginning to fail. Contact an auto repair shop in Everett, WA as soon as you notice any of these telltale signs.

Change in cooling

Think of this one as your car’s scream for help. The warning could manifest as a major change in the airflow or a lack of cool air even when the dial is set to the coldest setting. Any shifts in the cooling could signal a problem with one of the many parts of the car’s AC system, such as debris blocking the evaporator or a broken compressor unable to pump refrigerant into the system. Either way, you will need an expert to determine the cause of the problem before taking the necessary steps to fix it.

Strange noises

Have you noticed an inexplicable grinding or squealing noise every time the air conditioner is turned on? It could be nothing, but it might also mean there is a problem with the compressor. The compressor extracts hot air from the vehicle by compressing the hot gas. It’s then pumped through the compressor and evaporator, resulting in cool air. Eventually, the compressor will fail after years of regular use. This is usually the cause behind the mysterious sounds your vehicle is making. The only option is to have a professional check the compressor.

Leaking oil

A leaking air conditioner won’t leave a noticeable spot under the car. Leaks are hard to spot, which is why they often end up causing extensive damage. Over time, moisture will enter the unit as the rubber seal loses its original elasticity. Additionally, a compromised AC evaporator, condenser or compressor will leak refrigerant and compressor oil. Any leaking fluid could affect the AC’s ability to produce cool air.

Unpleasant smell

The air produced by your car’s AC should be completely odorless. An unpleasant smell wafting from the AC could be a sign that mold has begun to form on the inside of the unit. It’s important to address this immediately, because breathing in the infested air could take a toll on the health of both you and your passengers.

Bring your car in to Auto Truck Service Inc. if your vehicle is experiencing any of these warning signs of AC failure. Our team of air conditioning experts will take the necessary steps to ensure your AC is running both properly and safely. Stop by our auto repair shop in Everett, WA today to learn more—we look forward to helping you stay cool in your vehicle this summer!

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