Why Your AC and Heater Fans Are Weak—and What to Do About It

Why Your AC and Heater Fans Are Weak—and What to Do About It

October 16, 2018

Every car part has its job to do to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely. There are parts under the hood working together to make the engine run, and you’ve got a braking system, fuel system and electrical components. Another piece to the puzzle is the blower motor. The blower motor is an important part of your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating system, as it allows you to control the temperature inside the cabin. While you can drive your car in the winter without a heater, and in the summer without the AC, a comfortable cabin temperature is definitely a plus.

To avoid replacing parts unnecessarily, you should get familiar with the signs of a weak vehicle air conditioner and heater blower motor. Read on for some information from an experienced mechanic in Everett, WA.

Unusual noises

A vehicle’s blower motor is a small rotary motor that moves a fan, which is situated behind the air vents. The fan pushes hot or cool air through these vents at the speed you have the controls set to. Even though the motor and fan sits inside a housing unit inside the engine compartment, foreign objects can still get sucked into the compartment or caught in the fan blades. And the blades are plastic, so they can snap off easily.

If the blades do snap off, you might hear a slapping noise or a popping sound coming from behind the vents. A bad bearing in the motor might produce whirring noises. These sounds are usually sudden and occur right before you notice an issue with your car’s airflow. Keep a mental note of whether or not the noise changes or increases when you change the fan speed—this is a sign of a faulty blower motor.

Weak airflow

Weak airflow is a sign of blower motor failure. This part wears out eventually, meaning its fans can no longer push adequate amount of air out the vents or through window defrosters. In other situations, air may not blow out on some speed settings at all. Ask your mechanic to check it out.

Signs of smoke or a burning smell

Strange smells coming from your car’s air vents are a sign of a problem. If you notice smoke or detect a burning smell while your vehicle is running, pull over and shut it off immediately. Fortunately, unlike major parts of an engine that may smoke, a burned blower motor or motor wiring is not likely to total your vehicle.

To rule out a serious engine issue, carefully open up the hood and take a look. Also look at the blower motor inside the housing for blown fuses in the circuit—this is an indication of an overloaded circuit. Now, with the car turned off but the key still in the ignition, turn the air on and play with the settings. If smoke and burning smells are coming in, there could be an electrical problem with fan circuits.

A problem with blower motors or fans requires the expertise of an auto mechanic in Everett, WA to properly address. Call Auto Truck Service Inc. to schedule professional service today!

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