How Updating Suspension Improves Fuel Economy

How Updating Suspension Improves Fuel Economy

November 20, 2018

Unless you drive an electric vehicle, paying an arm and a leg for gas is just a normal part of life. Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to improve your fuel economy and keep a little extra cash in your wallet when you’re at the pump. One of the often overlooked tips and tricks is upgrading your suspension. This post will teach you more about how you can save a bundle by simply updating your old suspension system.

As you may know, your suspension system keeps your car from shaking and rumbling while you’re driving down the road. A loose suspension system does an inadequate job of providing a smooth ride. So, when you’re driving along the road, bumping up and down, your engine has to work harder to keep your car at your desired speed. The harder your engine has to work, the more gas you use up. Tightening your suspension or upgrading it completely will keep your car level, which means your engine won’t have to work as hard while you’re motoring along.

Your suspension system also has to do with your wheel alignment. Misaligned wheels further rob you of fuel economy, again because your engine has to expend more gas to keep your car going along at your desired speed. Stop by our shop for auto repair in Everett, WA so we can quickly tune up your suspension and align your wheels.

Other benefits of updating your suspension

The good news is that improving your suspension doesn’t just help improve your average MPG. These are a few of the other reasons why drivers may choose to tune up or upgrade their suspension system:

  • Comfortable ride: As mentioned above, a tight suspension system provides a smoother ride. That means you won’t be bouncing up and down and from side to side while you’re going down the road. As long as you’re not driving on a road that’s riddled with potholes, you and your passengers will cruise along smoothly and comfortably. Come to see us today for a suspension inspection if you’re sick of getting motion sickness from driving in a bumpy car.
  • Fewer vehicle problems: Poor suspension leads to a number of problems with different aspects of your car. For example, all of that shaking can lead to loose wiring and missing bolts. Keep that from happening by bringing your car to us today to fix your poor suspension.
  • Longer vehicle lifespan: It goes without saying that if your car has fewer problems, it should enjoy a longer lifespan. If you love your car and want to keep it for a while, we recommend that you have your suspension looked at and tuned up today.

If you want to pay less at the pump, upgrade your suspension. And if you want to pay less for auto repair in Everett, WA, bring your vehicle to our shop! At Auto Truck Service Inc., you can rest easy knowing that you’re always getting the highest quality work for the best prices in town.

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