It's a Wash Out in Washington: Six Tips for Driving Safely in the Rain

It’s a Wash Out in Washington: Six Tips for Driving Safely in the Rain

February 13, 2019

If you live in Washington, then you know just how much rain comes down during the winter months. Since rain creates slick driving surfaces, drivers are more apt to lose control of their vehicles and become involved in automobile accidents. This winter, stay safe, schedule a wintertime maintenance check with a trusted auto shop in Everett, WA and memorize the following six tips for driving safely in the winter rain:

  • Turn your headlights on: You need light to see in the dark, which is why you use your car’s headlights at night. They allow you to see whatever is in front of you on the road. And even though night driving and working headlights go hand in hand to help pedestrians and other vehicles see you, some states require the use of headlights during rain and snow, even in the daytime. For safety’s sake, remember to use your headlights whenever visibility is low.
  • Take your time: Keep in mind that heavy rain causes low visibility, while new rain is likely to contribute to slick roads. However, rainy weather doesn’t mean you have to put your daily life on hold. If you must drive and it’s raining, the best thing you can do is take it slow. Reduce your speed and give yourself extra time to reach your destination. Want to avoid trips to your neighborhood auto shop in Everett, WA? Slow down! Let up on the accelerator, and remain in control of your vehicle.
  • Do not use cruise control: It’s important that drivers know to turn off cruise control when roads are slick with rain, snow or ice. If a car hydroplanes while cruise control is engaged, the mechanism will make the car accelerate, causing the vehicle to spin out of control. In other words, hydroplaning with cruise control turned on actually makes your car go faster.
  • Use manual control: If you are ever in a situation where you start to hydroplane, take your foot off the gas and slow down until control is returned to the vehicle. Do not set your cruise control when road surfaces are slippery; instead, be sure to regulate the speed of the vehicle with your own control.
  • Drive with extra caution: You were taught defensive driving, but be extra cautious in the rain. Watch out for yourself and others—take precautions when passing other vehicles and with merging lanes. Also, leaving more space between you and the vehicle in front of you—even a couple seconds—allows everyone more time to react to changes in the flow of traffic.
  • Check your tires: Inspect the condition of your tires before and throughout the wet season. Each tire needs to have good tread and proper air pressure, and be free of damage like bald spots, cracks and punctures. You can also switch to winter tires for the season. These tires offer more grip between the tread and road during times of heavy rain or snow.

Don’t wait too long after an accident to call an auto shop in Everett, WA for help with repairs. Contact the Auto Truck Service Inc. team anytime!

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