Spring Cleaning: Car Edition!

Spring Cleaning: Car Edition!

February 27, 2019

Spring is on its way, and the winter months have likely left the inside and outside of your car looking a fright. What can you do to get your car ready for the spring driving season? Let’s find out what an experienced mechanic in Everett, WA has to say:

  • Organize the cabin: Grab a garbage bag and head out to your car. Open up all interior compartments—including the center console, glove box and seat pockets—and throw out anything that doesn’t benefit you. (Think fast food condiment packets or napkins, old receipts, expired parking passes and other obvious trash.) Once you’ve cleaned out the compartments, take the time to organize them. Next, look around the floor, under the seats and inside car door compartments, as these are common areas for trash to hide.
  • Check the trunk: Your trunk may hold all sorts of wintertime messes, from trash and dirty clothes to mud and other outside debris. Clear the trunk, vacuum it, then be sure to check the condition of the spare tire and emergency car kit.
  • Wipe upholstery and carpets: Vehicle carpeting and seats will look worse for wear after a long winter. Mud, dirt, salt residue, oil residue and crushed leaves accumulate inside cars over time, all of which should be removed during car spring cleaning. Use your hands to pick up large pieces of debris, vacuum up smaller particles, then end with a thorough manual wipe-down to clean the seat upholstery and carpeting. You might want to use a carpet cleaning machine to remove set-in grime.
  • Clean all glass surfaces: Winter weather can leave your windows blurry and smudged. Use a window glass cleaner to shine the inside and outside of the windows. Finish by buffering with a dry towel. Do the same for your vehicle’s side and rearview mirrors.
  • Check under the hood: It’s recommended that you schedule a routine auto check with your mechanic in Everett, WA when spring arrives, but there are a few simple things you can check on your own ahead of your appointment. First, open the hood to a secure position. Look for leaves, dirt, sticks and other debris in the engine area. Remove large pieces of debris, and brush off or wipe away any dirt and cobwebs. Your automotive professional can take care of more challenging cleaning needs during the spring checkup.
  • Wash the exterior: Many vehicle owners don’t wash their cars very often in the winter. Whether this is the case for you, make sure your car’s first wash of the spring season is a thorough one. This will get rid of grime from all the nooks and crannies underneath and on the exterior of the vehicle.
  • Replace windshield wipers: Wet winters will take a toll on your windshield wipers. Replacing them at the start of spring gets you ready to take on spring rain showers.

Car spring cleaning is important, but so is a spring tune-up. Call Auto Truck Service Inc. today to book an appointment with a skilled mechanic in Everett, WA!

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