How Do I Know if There's a Problem with My Transmission?

How Do I Know if There’s a Problem with My Transmission?

April 8, 2019

Trying to diagnose car problems on your own can be tricky. You can’t help but wonder whether that strange noise or odd leaking is normal, or if it’s something that should raise concern. However, it’s obvious when some problems need to be addressed, such as a dead battery, failing brakes or electrical issues. They’re usually coupled with mysterious sounds and sensations.

Unfortunately, the transmission isn’t one of those things. A transmission will inevitably experience some problems after years of use. Transmission repair in Everett, WA can be both time-consuming and expensive, so it’s important to watch out for any early warning signs of trouble. Have a professional mechanic evaluate your car for transmission problems as soon as you notice any of the following signs.

Transmission slipping

A slipping transmission feels like the gear suddenly changes for no apparent reason. The noise made by the engine might change in pitch or suddenly sound like it’s whining. You might also notice the transmission slipping when it suddenly feels like the car isn’t as powerful, or that it’s unable to accelerate like it should.

Delayed engagement

Does there seem to be a delay before the car engages and starts moving forward? If so, the transmission could be the cause. The car needs to be inspected by a mechanic if this problem repeatedly occurs.

Rough shifts

Changing gears should always be smooth. A problematic transmission will be plagued with rough shifts. You might feel or hear a loud clunk or thud when shifting. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it’s also a sign the transmission needs attention from a professional mechanic.

Leaking fluid

A well-maintained transmission shouldn’t leak fluid. Leak spots on the garage floor or driveway should be a cause for alarm. Place a piece of cardboard down under the car to get a better idea of the cause of the leak. A leaking transmission will leave bright red or dark brown stains on the cardboard. Visit your mechanic as soon as possible if you spot a red stain. Other color fluids will also need attention, but they probably can’t be attributed to the transmission.

Illuminated warning light

This is usually one of the first warning signs you’ll notice. An illuminated check engine light doesn’t necessarily indicate there’s an issue with the transmission, but it does mean the cause needs to be diagnosed by a mechanic. They will be able to read the associated error code with their diagnostic equipment before taking the necessary steps to address the cause.

Strange smells

Transmission fluid should have a slightly sweet or tart smell. A burning smell can be a serious warning sign that it’s time to change the fluid. Transmission fluid is critical to keeping all the parts lubricated to keep the unit from burning. A burnt transmission will have to be completely rebuilt, which can be incredibly expensive. Have a professional mechanic inspect the vehicle if immediately if you notice a burning smell.

Address transmission problems immediately to prevent them from causing lasting damage. Call Auto Truck Service Inc. today to get started with transmission repair in Everett, WA!

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