What Do Squealing Brakes Mean?

What Do Squealing Brakes Mean?

January 13, 2020

Do you hear a squealing or screeching sound whenever you apply pressure to your brake pedal? We shouldn’t have to tell you that’s not normal! Any strange sounds coming from your vehicle are typically a sign that something’s wrong and needs to be addressed by a professional, especially when it comes to your braking system. Keep reading to learn more about noisy brakes in Everett, WA and how the situation can be addressed:

  • Thin brake pads: Manufacturers install brake wear indicators in every brake pad they produce to let owners know it’s time to replace their pads. If you’re hearing a squealing noise, take your car to the shop instead of ignoring it.
  • Crystalized pads and rotors: Over time, friction between the brake pad and brake caliper can cause crystallization on either the pad or the rotor. This crystalized surface reduces slowing power and makes a loud noise whenever the brake is applied. Bring your car in to have the pad replaced or to have the rotor resurfaced.
  • Incorrect rotor surface: During brake replacement, the rotor must be completely resurfaced to remove any of the glazing mentioned above. If this step is skipped, the rotor will never be “true,” and you’ll have to deal with squealing brakes. Be sure your mechanic knows what he’s doing during brake replacement to avoid this issue!
  • Low-quality brakes: Buying the cheapest brakes on the market might save you some money up front, but those initial savings typically aren’t worth it in the long run. Cheaper brakes tend to have high metal content, which breaks down over time and causes that annoying squeal. Next time you need brake replacement in Everett, WA, opt for a higher-quality brake and you shouldn’t run into squealing in the future.
  • Morning dew or weather: If you only hear squealing on your morning commute or when it’s raining, you may not need to have your brakes replaced at all. Moisture on the brake pad can sometimes cause a squealing noise. This is natural and isn’t something you need to worry about.

Why choose us for brake replacement?

There are plenty of shops in town that handle brake replacement in Everett, WA, but here’s why you should always come to Auto Truck Service Inc. to have your brakes serviced:

  • Dependable results: Our experts have years of experience working with all sorts of vehicles, so you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have any brake issues after we’re done with your car.
  • Fast service: There’s no need to wait around for hours on end when you come to us. We work swiftly to ensure your brakes are swapped out in a timely manner.
  • Affordable rates: Other car repair shops will charge you an arm and a leg for new brakes, but not us! We have some of the most competitive rates in town for all of our services.

The choice is clear the next time you need new brakes: come to Auto Truck Service Inc. In addition to treating noisy brakes in Everett, WA, we offer a host of auto repair services that keep your car or truck in tip-top shape.

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