Why Does My Car Shake When Idling?

Why Does My Car Shake When Idling?

January 27, 2020

When you put the key in the ignition and turn on your car, the last thing you expect is a violent vibration coming from the engine. Not only is that annoying, but any vibrations or loud noises are surely a sign that something’s wrong under the hood. Continue reading to learn the meaning of car engine vibration in Everett, WA and what can be done to correct it:

  • Worn-out spark plugs: The leading cause behind a vibrating engine is a worn-out or faulty spark plug. Old spark plugs can prevent the fuel-air mixture from properly igniting in the cylinders, leading to misfires that rattle the engine. These misfires can occur during idling or when you’re driving down the road. Luckily, replacing the old spark plugs fixes this issue. Spark plug replacement is something most car owners can do themselves—just check to make sure you buy the right spark plugs for replacement.
  • Faulty timing belt: The timing belt is responsible for ensuring proper functionality of several engine components, including fans and other belt-driven parts. If the timing belt is loose or damaged, car shaking while idling in Everett, WA is common. Just like with the spark plugs mentioned above, replacing the timing belt should resolve the issue. Replacing the timing belt is generally a chore best left to the professionals.
  • Loose hoses: Your engine has a ton of different hoses running into and out of it. It doesn’t matter if the hose is carrying the air-fuel mixture or if it’s responsible for radiator coolant—if it’s loose or damaged, it can cause engine vibrations. Assuming there isn’t any other damage, replacing or reattaching the loose hose will solve the vibration problem.
  • Dirty fuel intake system: As you can imagine, if your engine isn’t getting the right mixture of air and fuel, it’s going to have some problems running! Dirty or improperly adjusted fuel intake systems can cause engine vibrations both while idling and at driving speeds, neither of which are enjoyable to deal with. The good news is that a professional can easily clean the system or make any necessary adjustments to correct the vibration.
  • Damaged motor mounts: A motor mount is responsible for absorbing engine vibration and road shocks, so any kind of damage to the motor mount will cause the engine to vibrate uncontrollably while the car is idling. Motor mount repairs or replacement must be handled by a certified professional.

How should this problem be addressed?

The best way to deal with car engine vibration in Everett, WA is to bring it to our professionals at Auto Truck Service Inc. We’ll pore over every aspect of your vehicle to determine what’s causing the vibration and then fix the problem. Once we’ve addressed the issue, you can rest easy knowing that your car will be as good as new.

Whether the issue stems from a worn-out spark plug or a dirty fuel intake system, you can count on our team at Auto Truck Service Inc. to fix your car shaking while idling in Everett, WA! Come in today to get a quote for repair or to learn what our team can do for your vehicle. We provide a wide range of repair services for all sorts of cars, trucks, fleet vehicles and SUVs.

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