Does My Car or Truck Need a Tune-Up?

Does My Car or Truck Need a Tune-Up?

February 26, 2020

In the United States, we’re a nation of car people. Whether we’re climbing into your sedan for the long commute to work, or we’re rehabilitating a vintage sports car to tool around in on the weekends, the U.S. runs on horsepower. For all that love of our cars and trucks, however, a lot of Americans can’t determine when it’s time for a tune-up.

This relatively simple act of preventative maintenance can improve engine performance and increase your vehicle’s gas mileage. Best of all, a quick tune-up is the perfect time to diagnose and eliminate small issues before they turn into big problems. There’s no end to the benefits your vehicle will get from a tune-up at a qualified auto shop in Everett, WA.

But is it time for your vehicle to get checked out? Here are some tips to help you determine whether you need to call to schedule a tune-up.

Your dashboard will tell you

A dashboard light turning on is one of the most obvious signs to look for if you think your car needs a tune-up. The lights on your dashboard are there to point to general issues with your vehicle. If one of them turns on, the odds are good that your car requires some professional help.

Your car rides rough

If you notice that your engine is making strange noises, or if your car is lurching down the road or emitting grumbling, pained noises, it’s best to have a professional look at it immediately. These unpleasant noises could indicate a significant issue with your car or truck.

Poor acceleration

You may not think that diminished acceleration is any reason to contact an auto shop in Everett, WA, but you would be wrong. If you’re just now noticing a dip in your car’s acceleration, it’s possible that it has been happening for a while, and you’re just now noticing. This subtle issue with your car’s performance could be the result of a problem that has gone unattended for an extended period.

Your gas mileage starts to drop

Every vehicle will experience a small drop in gas mileage over the course of its lifespan. That said, by the end of 10 years or so, your car or truck should still be getting somewhere close to its original gas mileage. If you notice that you’re having to fill up more often than before, your engine could have a problem that’s compromising its efficiency.

Put your car in our capable hands

Searching for an auto shop in Everett, WA to conduct your tune-up? Come to Auto Truck Service Inc., where our team of talented automotive professionals wants to get your vehicle running smoothly again.

We’re a locally owned and operated business that has happily served the Puget Sound region since 1978. We offer a massive selection of services for cars, trucks, diesel engines, motor homes, fleet vehicles and marine vehicles. We even provide custom machine shop services for clients who require them. No matter the make or model, our talented technicians can help. Visit us online or give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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