Reasons to Wash Your Car Frequently

Reasons to Wash Your Car Frequently

March 9, 2020

Washing your car is one of those chores that can be all too easy to let slip by—at least, if you’re not concerned about having a less-than-sparkling vehicle—but appearances aren’t the only reason you should be washing it regularly. If you don’t drive much, or somehow manage to avoid dust, dirt, rain and snow, you can get away with washing your car less often. However, experts recommend washing your car at least once per week. Sound like too much? Here are the reasons to wash your car frequently in Everett, WA:

  • Preserve your paint: A shiny, clean car looks great, but washing your car frequently can actually increase the longevity of your paint job. When you’re driving around, dust, pollen, dirt, road salt and other debris can adhere to your paint and actually create damage. Washing your car regularly gets rid of them before they can cause permanent damage. (In other words, don’t wait for a stranger to write “WASH ME” in the dirt.)
  • Safety first: When your windows and mirrors are filthy, your visibility decreases, and when your tires are full of dirt and debris, they can’t grip the road as well as they should. This affects both your safety as well as the safety of others on the road. Don’t jeopardize your and your passengers’ lives, even if you’re just going around the corner to the grocery store.
  • Retain your car’s value: When you regularly wash your car, you’re not only preserving the paint, but preserving the car’s value as well. Regular washing prevents rust, scratches and stuck-on dirt from dulling the paint and affecting the price you could get for it months or years down the line.
  • Keep undercarriage clean: Most importantly, a good undercarriage wash is important for the mechanical parts of your car. While some commercial car washes don’t provide an undercarriage wash, you can do it yourself by raising your car up on jacks and giving it a good hosing down, followed by a degreaser. If you go off-roading frequently, you should probably do this at least once a month, but if you’re a regular driver, try to do it at least once per season. Living in a coastal area means that the salt in the air (and the road salt) will eventually damage your car’s undercarriage, causing rust and corrosion.

The reasons to wash your car frequently in Everett, WA include looks, but safety and continued performance are important factors, too. It’s time to get into the habit of rinsing off the dirt and debris before it can cause any further damage—after all, your car is a major investment.

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