Call a Mechanic Immediately When the Steering Wheel Shakes

Call a Mechanic Immediately When the Steering Wheel Shakes

July 8, 2020

As the owner of a car or truck, there are certain aspects of upkeep that, for better or worse, are tempting to let slip by the wayside. Gas a little low? You can push it for a few more miles. Missed your last oil change? How much of a difference could another two or three hundred miles make? A light appears on the dashboard. Rather than schedule a meeting with a mechanic, your first question is likely, “How is the car running?”

There are so many little ways that drivers convince themselves that their car could go another day or another week without professional attention. There is one issue, however, that demands immediate professional help. A steering wheel that’s shaking in Everett, WA is nothing to put off. There are a handful of reasons why your steering wheel could be shaking. None of them are good.

Shaking when you’re braking

One of the most common reasons that your steering wheel may shake is due to issues with one of the parts of your brake system. When you press on the brakes and the wheel begins to shake, or it pulls to one side or another, then you likely have problems with either your brake pads or rotors:

  • If it’s been a while since you replaced your brake pads, they could have become worn down, which will cause shaking in your steering wheel. If you hear a whining or squeaking noise alongside the steering wheel shake, the brake pads are the most likely culprit.
  • Once your brake pads are exhausted, you’ll begin to wear down on your brake rotors. Riding on your rotors can cause extreme damage to your vehicle, warping your brakes and causing malfunctions.

Regardless of which type of brake issues you may have, making sure they’re working properly is critical to staying safe behind the wheel.

Shaking when your accelerating

You might also experience steering wheel shake in Everett, WA when you’re having issues with your tires. Imbalanced or misaligned tires can cause a whole lot of problems:

  • If you’ve just purchased new tires and are experiencing a shaky steering wheel, your new tires could be imbalanced. Not only does this cause an irritating steering wheel shake, but imbalanced tires also make your wheels less reliable on the road.
  • If your older tires have led to steering wheel shaking, they could be misaligned. A quick glance at your tires’ tread should let you know.

If you’re having tire problems, the first thing to do is call a professional and schedule an appointment.

The area’s best mechanic

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