What Is Fleet Maintenance?

What Is Fleet Maintenance?

July 29, 2020

Anyone who operates a company with fleet vehicles knows the value of keeping those vehicles in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Regardless of the type of vehicles in the fleet, they need to be kept on a tight maintenance schedule. If you’re wondering, “What does fleet maintenance entail in Everett, WA?” keep reading—this post will cover what you need to know.

The basics

Preventative fleet maintenance—which should always be performed by a professional—includes oil changes, filter replacements, coolant flushes, transmission checkups and much more. Getting every vehicle in your fleet on the same maintenance schedule, instead of performing tune-ups individually, saves your fleet manager a ton of trouble and can help prevent individual vehicle breakdowns.

The benefits of regular maintenance

Besides preserving your peace of mind and helping out your fleet manager, there are quite a few benefits of fleet maintenance in Everett, WA. Here are a few of the top reasons to schedule regular maintenance for your entire fleet:

  • Employee safety:Employee safety should be every business owner’s top priority. Fleet maintenance prevents breakdowns, which could be a dangerous situation depending on which part of the vehicle fails. On the topic of drivers, be sure to maintain good communication with them to ensure they’re letting the fleet manager know if there’s anything wrong with their vehicles.
  • Lower operating costs:Investing in regular fleet maintenance in Everett, WA isn’t free, but it can drastically lower your monthly operating costs. Neglected components lead to higher fuel costs. In fact, a poorly-maintained engine can consume 50 percent more fuel than one that’s serviced regularly. Stop throwing money out the window and bring your fleet vehicles in for maintenance right away!
  • Fewer mechanic visits: Speaking of throwing money away, that’s exactly what you do any time you bring your vehicle to a mechanic for a major repair that could’ve been avoided. Regular maintenance helps detect problems before your fleet vehicles break down and require extensive repairs. Trust us—getting an oil change every few months is much cheaper than repairing a damaged engine!
  • Longer fleet lifespan: Regular maintenance is also proven to increase the lifespan of all the vehicles in your fleet. You’ll be able to drive them far longer by coming in for tune-ups every three months or so.

When should you come in for maintenance?

The frequency of fleet maintenance depends on the types of vehicles in the fleet, the mileage added each month and the manufacturer’s recommendations. As a general rule, we advise scheduling fleet maintenance in Everett, WA every 3,000 miles or every three months. Having the vehicles maintained more often than that can never hurt, though.

Choose Auto Truck Service Inc. for your fleet maintenance!

Knowing what fleet maintenance is in Everett, WA isn’t enough—you’ve got to choose the right team to maintain your fleet vehicles. As full-service mechanics, we can perform all the necessary work for every vehicle in your fleet. Better still, if we find any problems, we can fix them right away to ensure your fleet is always at full capacity.

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