Routine Vehicle Diagnostics Explained

Routine Vehicle Diagnostics Explained

August 12, 2020

Car mechanics can perform wonders on any vehicle they touch. A quality mechanic can take a car that seems to be on its last leg and turn it into a well-oiled machine that runs for many more years. Before doing all of the gritty work under the hood, though, mechanics often perform auto diagnostics in Everett, WA. Since many car owners are unfamiliar with the process, we’ve put together this post that’ll explain what you need to know about auto diagnostic testing.

What exactly is an auto diagnostic test?

Before we get too deep into the weeds, it’d be helpful to understand the basics of an auto diagnostic test. During this process, a mechanic uses code-reading tools to tap into the car’s computer and find out what’s wrong with the car. You can buy auto diagnostic tools to perform the test by yourself, but the results may not be as accurate or as useful as what you’d get from a mechanic.

At Auto Truck Service Inc., we use OBD-II readings that can process error codes for most vehicles. You can rest easy knowing your test results will be as accurate as possible when you come to us.

What areas of the car will be tested?

What is an auto diagnostic test in Everett, WA? The basic definition is incomplete because it doesn’t tell you what parts of your vehicle can be tested. A diagnostic test may reveal issues with major components, including the engine, transmission, exhaust system and brakes. We may also be able to identify problems with performance components, like the fuel injector, airflow, coolant, ignition coils and throttle.

What happens after the test?

Unfortunately, a diagnostic test doesn’t reveal the exact problem that has triggered the check engine light. The code merely tells your mechanic which components are out of whack. After reading the results of the test, your mechanic will get under the hood and set to work determining and addressing the underlying cause.

Benefits of a diagnostic test

Diagnostic testing tools have benefits for both mechanics and vehicle owners. First off, a diagnostic test saves the mechanic tons of time and trouble identifying problems. Since mechanics used to spend hours trying to find the problem before they could fix it, they would have to charge customers a lot more money for their services. Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past! Drivers can now save a boatload on labor costs thanks to auto diagnostics in Everett, WA.

How often should your car get a diagnostic test?

You don’t have to wait until you notice a problem with your vehicle or the check engine light comes on to conduct a diagnostic test. In fact, many professionals recommend having a test performed at least once a year. This quick examination can uncover minor problems before your car breaks down.

Come to us for your auto diagnostic test!

Though every mechanic knows about auto diagnostics in Everett, WA, you can’t go to just any auto shop to have your diagnostic test performed. At Auto Truck Service Inc., we have decades of experience performing in-depth testing on cars, trucks and SUVs. If an issue is detected, you can rest easy knowing our team of experts can set the problem straight.

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