How to Make a Car Safe from COVID-19

How to Make a Car Safe from COVID-19

December 2, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown us all for a loop this year. Life as we know it has fundamentally changed—our social and professional lives have all been altered. Trying to keep yourself and your family safe is now a full-time job, and that extends to time spent in the car. Regular cleaning is one of the best ways you can fight transmission of the virus (along with social distancing and wearing a mask at all times in public), so knowing how to keep a car sanitized from COVID-19 in Everett, WA is a great way to fight off the threat of disease.

Cleaning car seats

Keeping the little ones safe is always first and foremost, and there’s a particular way to clean their car seats. First of all, they can be cleaned, but you should never sanitize them. Using a disinfecting chemical on the harnesses or seat belts can cause damage that compromises the integrity of the materials. This would obviously make them less safe in the event of a crash, so you can reduce transmission of COVID-19 in the car in Everett, WA by just cleaning these parts with a mild soap and water. Also, always air-dry the harnesses, and consult the owner’s manual (usually available online) if you have any questions at all about car seat safety.

Cleaning after COVID-19 exposure

If someone has tested positive and then ridden in your car, there’s a few steps you can take to keep your car sanitized from COVID-19 in Everett, WA. First, clean and sanitize the entire spot in the car where they were seated: handles, door locks, windows and any other hard surfaces within six feet of where the infected person was riding. Next, remove the car seats and either wash them (according to manufacturer standards) or wrap them in a tightly sealed plastic bag for a few days. As we stated above, do not clean seatbelts with harsh chemicals—soap and water will do fine.

What about when others are transporting your children?

As many schools are allowing at least some in-person instruction, they’ve had to create plans to make sure kids stay safe on all of their various forms of transportation. Don’t be shy to ask them about how they’re keeping their buses and cars sanitized in Everett, WA—they should have a detailed seating plan. This plan should guarantee that each child has their own assigned spot and equipment. It’s also best if buses load from back to front, and then unload from the front to the back to minimize the risk of kids getting too close to each other and transmitting the virus.

Staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic has become an everyday task in a way that most of us never could have imagined, but following these simple tips is a great start to make sure your family stays healthy during transportation. As usual, regular handwashing, mask wearing and social distancing should also all be followed if you go for a ride. If you have any questions about cleaning your car or general auto repair, give the team at Auto Truck Service Inc. a call today!

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