Things to Do When the Mechanic Is Done with Your Car

Things to Do When the Mechanic Is Done with Your Car

December 16, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we view many of the interactions we all used to take for granted. Simple errands like going to the post office or the bank are now quite different, and so is bringing your car to the shop for some maintenance or repair work. Although you can still expect the same great auto service, after you get your car back from the mechanic in Everett, WA you should also do some simple cleaning that will give you peace of mind. On top of that, there are also some quick tasks you should perform to make sure the work was done to your satisfaction:

  • Wipe down all surfaces: When it comes to advice for after your mechanic returns your car in Everett, WA during these uncertain times, nothing beats sanitizing all hard surfaces. You can use cleaning wipes on everything from the dashboard to the handles to the door locks, and you should also wipe down the steering wheel and gear shift. Never use these on seat belts, however—the chemicals can break down the materials that keep you safe, so use soap and water instead.
  • Take it for a test drive: After mechanical work is done on your car, you want to make sure everything was done properly and to your specifications. For that reason, take it out for a spin, and make sure you really take it through its paces. Go on both the highway and back roads, and make sure the vehicle turns and brakes to your liking. After you’ve made this trip, write down any differences you notice from how your car was operating prior to the service trip. This will help you better talk to your mechanic about anything they might have missed.
  • Log your odometer reading and the date: After your car gets back from the mechanic in Everett, WA, it’s a good idea to log all of the information about the repair in a spreadsheet. Write down the date, where you took it, what was done, how much it cost and the odometer reading. This will help you keep better tabs on how often you need particular services completed and know when you can expect to need maintenance.
  • Immediately raise any concerns: After you get your car back from the mechanic in Everett, WA, provide feedback right away if you notice any issues. If you think your car is still not performing properly, it’s best to call immediately. We want to make you happy, but we also want your car to be running at its best. Noting any problems promptly is the best way to prevent the potential for major repairs down the road.

The mechanics at Auto Truck Service Inc. are very skilled at auto and truck repair, and we take pride in our record of providing exceptional customer service. We want our customers to always be satisfied, and one great way to ensure that is through open lines of communication between our customers and our team. If you have questions about how your car is operating after having it serviced, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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