Top Four Tips for Buying a Classic Car

Top Four Tips for Buying a Classic Car

February 23, 2021

Are you getting ready to purchase a classic car in Everett, WA? Buying a vintage or antique automobile is a major life goal for many people. It’s hard to resist the allure of chrome, tailfins and those eye-catching whitewall tires. Purchasing a classic is a major investment that isn’t over once you get the pink slip and the keys—there’s maintenance, insurance and many other costs involved with keeping up a vintage car. Whether you’re buying a project car or a fully renovated classic, here are four tips you need to follow.

Do your research

As a general rule, you should always do your research before making any major purchase—even more so when that purchase is a classic car. As you’re looking for your dream car, make sure that the price is in line with the standard value of the model—check NADA Guides and Hagerty for reference. Also, do a thorough online search to read what other owners are saying about specific models. If a certain model has common mechanical issues, it might be one you want to avoid unless you have deep pockets or great mechanical skills.

Know the ins and outs of maintenance

Just like modern cars need maintenance, so too do the classics. Research the maintenance costs of your favorite models. As a general rule, American-made cars are cheaper to maintain than foreign brands, as are muscle cars from America’s “golden age” when compared to postwar luxury coupes and sedans. Keep in mind that the rarer the model you buy, the harder it will be to find parts if you need them. In other words, your rare vehicle will stand out, but it’s definitely going to cost you.

Find a great mechanic

It takes a special mechanic to maintain classic cars. Before you purchase your classic in Everett, WA, make sure there’s a qualified mechanic nearby to work on it. Check online reviews carefully and visit the shops of any potential candidates who stand out. Although these specialists can charge higher rates than your average shop, you’ll feel confident that your vintage automobile is in the right hands.

Get the right insurance

As you’re searching for your rare, classic or collector car, be sure to get a good feel for potential insurance rates. It can save you money to shop around for a specialty insurance provider to cover your vintage car, instead of just getting a quote from a traditional auto insurer. Don’t settle for the first rate you’re given—do some research so you can ensure you get the best value.

If you’re gearing up to buy a classic car in Everett, WA, keep in mind that there’s a lot you need to know before and after you make a purchase. Once you’re on the road, though, you’ll see that all the research is worth it. Take your time to find the right car for you, and be sure to contact the experts at Auto Truck Service Inc. to keep her running for years to come.

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