Seven Key Tips for Restoring a Classic Car

Seven Key Tips for Restoring a Classic Car

March 9, 2021

Thinking about taking on a classic car restoration project? Bringing an old classic back to life is an exciting and rewarding experience. If you’re restoring a car in Everett, WA, here are seven tips you need to follow.

Find the car and the parts

Finding your classic car is the first step of the restoration process. Whether you purchase a true diamond in the rough or a vehicle that needs only cosmetic upgrades is entirely up to you. Once you’ve found your future dream car, gather all the parts you need for the job. Keep in mind that domestic classic cars and parts are much easier to find than foreign and exotic models—be sure to factor that into your overall budget.

Determine the extent of restoration

No two restoration projects are the same. Some owners simply want to be able to drive their classic cars for enjoyment, while others want showroom-worthy models. With a simple restoration, you can get a vintage automobile operational and back on the road again. If you want to own a classic that’s ready for concourse-level shows, be ready to spend a lot of money. Determining what you want before you start your restoration will save you time and money by allowing you to focus on cosmetic and mechanical repairs that are absolutely essential.

Expand your knowledge

You obviously don’t want to go blindly into any restoration project. Pick up some classic car restoration manuals so you can really get to know your vehicle. With the right knowledge, you’ll get your car back on the road and keep it there.

Prioritize safety

Cars have come a long way in terms of safety features. Classic cars typically don’t have airbags, and some don’t even have seatbelts. Invest in seatbelts, traction tires and anti-lock brakes to keep you and your passengers safe whenever you’re out for a cruise.

Find a great mechanic

Even people who are mechanically inclined need some help now and then. Check for a local mechanic in Everett, WA who can help you with any unexpected issues or any projects that you just can’t complete on your own. Search for a shop or technician who specializes in restoring cars like yours, and read customer reviews so you know your vehicle is in capable hands.

Be prepared to spend

Once you’ve restored your car to the standard you want, don’t expect the expenses to stop there. Classic cars can break down just like modern cars, which means you’ll have to keep spending to maintain the vehicle. Don’t forget about insurance, either—you’ll need a special policy to cover your investment.

Stay positive

Don’t get discouraged if you experience setbacks during your restoration project. Every successful restorer knows it’s a learning process. Remember that in the end, the financial investment and all the effort is always worth it.

Restoring a car in Everett, WA is a labor of love. Contact Auto Truck Service Inc. if you need any help as you bring your dream car back to life.

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