What Is a Shift Kit?

What Is a Shift Kit?

June 9, 2021

You may have heard of a shift kit as something that can be installed on your vehicle to enhance its performance. But what is a shift kit, and why would you want your vehicle to have one in Everett, WA?

The answer to “What is a shift kit?” is relatively simple. A shift kit is a set of parts (a kit) that can be installed on a vehicle to improve how the vehicle shifts between gears. This is available for vehicles with manual or automatic transmissions, but there are many different types of shift kits, and this is where things get more complicated.

The answer to the second part of our initial question depends on a number of factors, including what your vehicle will primarily be used for, what type of vehicle it is and how it will be driven. You may need smoother, slow and comfortable shifts, or you may need quick shifts for racing or towing needs. Here is some more information about specific types of shift kits for different vehicle uses.

Automatic transmission shift kits

In vehicles with automatic transmissions, the shifting is done for you. This makes driving simpler but relies on the vehicle’s factory settings, which are not always as efficient or as smooth as they could be. An automatic transmission shift kit can make shifts feel smoother and extend the life of a transmission.

An automatic transmission shift kit does this by modifying the shift timing of the transmission to increase shift firmness. Sometimes a manufacturer sets a transmission to have a lot of shift overlap, where the transmission is actually in two gears at the same time. This is designed to give a smooth shift, but it also reduces the efficiency and durability of the transmission by forcing the friction surfaces to work harder.

A shift kit makes the shifts happen faster. This results in a slight decrease in smoothness, but it enhances durability as well as fuel economy in most vehicles.

Manual transmission shift kits

In vehicles with manual transmissions, a shift kit includes a replacement for the stock shifter. This usually involves making the shifter shorter, which reduces the shift time for the driver. This allows for quicker and more efficient shifting of gears. This also gives the driver more control over the shifting process.

Towing shift kits

For towing setups, a shift kit may be desirable to help make quicker shifts possible. This is because power is lost during a shift—and that’s especially important to consider when towing. A shift kit here can also help reduce clutch wear and heat in the transmission.

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