Are Tuners Worth It?

Are Tuners Worth It?

August 31, 2021

The bottom line is that high-quality engine performance tuners are absolutely worth the money. The shift firmness on its own makes this a great investment. By retuning your car’s engine for performance, you’ll boost torque and gain increased power output.

While these magic chips might sound too good to be true, you can rest assured that, if installed properly, they’ll do wonders. Let’s look at all the benefits of engine performance tuners and how they function.

How tuners work

Whether you know them as tuners, chips or programmers, these tiny electronic devices are utilized to optimize your engine’s performance. This works for trucks, SUVs and crossovers. The silicon-integrated circuit is at the center of the device and can respond to the driver’s needs. Plus, you can see exactly what the device is doing to help boost performance.

Tuners extract additional power by adjusting the engine’s operation to the operating conditions. For example, the tuner might add more valve lift when the truck is running at high RPMs (revolutions per minute) to gain maximum top-end speed.

Will a tuner result in damage?

Some people worry about whether a tuner will damage a truck’s transmission, but the reality is that drivers cause this damage. By practicing caution and reprogramming to a lower horsepower tune according to the conditions, drivers can avoid damaging their transmission.

Tuners and gas mileage

A tuner can improve your gas mileage. Manufacturers claim that drivers will get 3 or 4 more miles per gallon by using these aftermarket products; however, it’s worth noting that these savings are dependent on how you drive and where you drive.

Boosting horsepower

Using a tuner is designed to make your vehicle more powerful. Results depend on the model of truck or car you’re retrofitting. You can also boost torque by adding a tuner. Greater horsepower will lead to more stress on the engine and its moving parts; that said, this shouldn’t decrease the engine’s life. When tuning is done properly, there’s no consequence for the engine other than better performance.

Improved maintenance

Today’s tuners are highly advanced and can offer the driver safety alerts along with diagnostic codes for any issues. Now owners can run their own diagnostic checks to see exactly where any problems are, which means fewer expensive trips to the dealership for service. With a diagnostic check done properly and a trip to AutoZone, drivers can now resolve some problems without the help of a trained auto technician.

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