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What Do Squealing Brakes Mean?

January 13, 2020

Do you hear a squealing or screeching sound whenever you apply pressure to your brake pedal? We shouldn’t have to tell you that’s not normal! Any strange sounds coming from your vehicle are typically a sign that something’s wrong and needs to be addressed by a professional, especially when it comes to your braking system. Keep reading to learn more about noisy brakes in Everett, WA and how the situation can be addressed: Thin brake pads: Manufacturers install brake wear indicators in every brake pad they produce to let owners know it’s time to replace their pads. If you’re hearing... View Article

Foggy Windows Are a Severe Winter Hazard!

December 23, 2019

Blasting the heater is the only way to stay warm while you’re driving this winter. But when that warm air from inside your car hits the cold glass, you’ll likely have to deal with window fog in Everett, WA, too. This post will cover why that condensation is a problem—and what you can do to solve it. Why is condensation an issue? Clear visibility is a key part of safely operating a vehicle. Here’s why you need to address window fog in Everett, WA before turning on your car: Other vehicles: Seeing other cars when your windows are foggy can... View Article

Does Your Car’s Heater Smell?

December 9, 2019

Your car’s heater is essential this time of year to ensure you stay nice and toasty while you’re cruising down the road. But if an unpleasant smell comes out of the vents when you flip the heat on, you might consider being chilly instead of bombarding your nostrils with an awful aroma! Heaters and car components can develop a variety of different odors over time, each of which is an indication of a deeper issue with the car. Continue reading to learn more about each auto heater odor in Everett, WA, and what can be done to fix them: Maple... View Article

The Costs of Aggressive Driving

November 27, 2019

There’s an old wives’ tale that says drivers should “floor it” every once in a while to clear carbon out of their engine. Unfortunately, that type of aggressive driving doesn’t actually offer any benefits, and can even cause some significant problems for you and your car. Keep reading to learn more about brake maintenance in Everett, WA and the downsides of aggressive driving: Brake problems: Flooring it might be fun for a few seconds, but you’re eventually going to have to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting another car. Coming to a screeching halt like that wears down your... View Article

Six Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light May Have Come On

November 13, 2019

Picture this: you’re driving down the road when suddenly, your check engine light turns on. Your first thought may be to ignore it. After all, those things are infamous for coming on at random times. However, we’re here to tell you that ignoring it is a mistake! Though it can be hard to recognize what the real problem is, your check engine light gives you some valuable insight into issues with your vehicle. Keep reading to learn a few of the leading causes of an illuminated check engine light in Everett, WA: Loose gas cap: Without a tight seal formed... View Article