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Do Cylinder Heads Always Need to Be Resurfaced?

July 7, 2021

A clean, flat and smooth engine is the goal for every vehicle owner. When these conditions are met, the vehicle is much more likely to last longer and run better. Vehicle owners can clean their cylinders by themselves, but they need to hire a professional mechanic for cylinder head resurfacing to make them smooth and flat. The smoother and flatter a cylinder head, the less likely the chance of gasket leaks and other serious issues under the hood. We typically resurface cylinder heads after an engine has overheated or after it has blown a gasket. In both of these scenarios,... View Article

Why Is Aluminum Welding Difficult?

June 23, 2021

All metals aren’t created equal in terms of welding. Some metals are more difficult to work with than others, and aluminum is one of the trickier metals to deal with for a few different reasons. This post will cover why aluminum welding is so challenging: Oxidation: An aluminum oxide layer sits on top of each aluminum piece, and this layer melts at a much higher temperature than the aluminum itself. The welder must use high heat to get through the oxide layer without cutting a hole in the aluminum located directly underneath. Porousness: Aluminum absorbs hydrogen more quickly the more... View Article

What Is a Shift Kit?

June 9, 2021

You may have heard of a shift kit as something that can be installed on your vehicle to enhance its performance. But what is a shift kit, and why would you want your vehicle to have one in Everett, WA? The answer to “What is a shift kit?” is relatively simple. A shift kit is a set of parts (a kit) that can be installed on a vehicle to improve how the vehicle shifts between gears. This is available for vehicles with manual or automatic transmissions, but there are many different types of shift kits, and this is where things... View Article

What Is a Sealed Transmission?

May 26, 2021

It used to be the case that if you owned a car, it needed either routine maintenance at the auto shop or a handy home mechanic constantly working on it to keep it in top shape. Those days are now behind us, however, as modern cars are meant to last on the road for much longer without as much maintenance. One of the aspects that makes this possible is a sealed transmission. What is a sealed transmission in Everett, WA? This is a transmission system that is sealed and does not require a transmission fluid change. There is an easy... View Article

When and Why Should I Check My Transmission Fluid?

May 11, 2021

Are you an Everett, WA resident wondering how often and why you should check your transmission fluid? It’s important to make checking your transmission fluid a priority. Your transmission fluid is essential for your engine to run smoothly, and should never be neglected. Where you live and the type of vehicle your drive are factors to consider when determining how often to check your transmission fluid levels. For the most part, it’s recommended that you check transmission fluid levels every six months at least. There are important things to consider before adding transmission fluid to your car. Make sure you’re... View Article