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Is It Okay to Use Water Instead of Antifreeze?

September 24, 2020

Coolant is designed to keep your engine running effectively and prevent overheating that can damage your vehicle or inhibit its performance. Typically, coolant includes a combination of water and antifreeze that keeps engines cool while preventing freezing of fluids during the winter, but a lot of people simply use water instead of coolant. Unfortunately, simply putting water in your car’s radiator in Everett, WA isn’t always a good call. Keep reading to learn more about the hazards of using water instead of antifreeze in your radiator. What’s the point of antifreeze? Antifreeze is added to coolant to prevent it from... View Article

Why Does My Car’s AC Smell Like Vinegar?

September 15, 2020

You get in your car, turn it on, crank up the air conditioner… and suddenly get a strong whiff of vinegar? Most people find this to be not just startling, but unpleasant to boot. What causes the vinegar smell in your car’s AC vents in Everett, WA, and what can you do about it? Why your car smells like vinegar If the vinegar smell only occurs when you’re using your car’s air conditioner, that indicates that the problem is in the AC, rather than in another component. To double-check, drive around without operating the air conditioner—the smell will likely only... View Article

How Often Should Fleet Vehicles Undergo Maintenance?

September 1, 2020

Keeping your vehicle fleet maintained and ready to travel at all times is part of your responsibility as a fleet owner or manager. Routine fleet maintenance in Everett, WA is the key to protecting your business assets and ensuring that you’re fully in compliance with all state and federal laws. Why fleet maintenance is important First and foremost, fleet maintenance keeps you, your employees and your customers or clients safe. Having safe and well-maintained vehicles on the road is not just legally mandated, it’s important for your business’s success. Keeping your vehicles maintained could be an on-site job—if you have... View Article

Routine Vehicle Diagnostics Explained

August 12, 2020

Car mechanics can perform wonders on any vehicle they touch. A quality mechanic can take a car that seems to be on its last leg and turn it into a well-oiled machine that runs for many more years. Before doing all of the gritty work under the hood, though, mechanics often perform auto diagnostics in Everett, WA. Since many car owners are unfamiliar with the process, we’ve put together this post that’ll explain what you need to know about auto diagnostic testing. What exactly is an auto diagnostic test? Before we get too deep into the weeds, it’d be helpful... View Article

What Is Fleet Maintenance?

July 29, 2020

Anyone who operates a company with fleet vehicles knows the value of keeping those vehicles in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Regardless of the type of vehicles in the fleet, they need to be kept on a tight maintenance schedule. If you’re wondering, “What does fleet maintenance entail in Everett, WA?” keep reading—this post will cover what you need to know. The basics Preventative fleet maintenance—which should always be performed by a professional—includes oil changes, filter replacements, coolant flushes, transmission checkups and much more. Getting every vehicle in your fleet on the same maintenance schedule, instead of performing... View Article